What I’m Loving

www.gracepcho.comIt’s been two weeks of not writing, of quiet reflection and overwhelming emotions. I’ve been remembering God’s good faithfulness to us, and it’s left me at a loss for words but with plenty of tears. At the right time I’ll be sharing more, but for today I thought I’d keep it light and fun with what I’ve been loving these days.


  • Good Earth’s sweet & spicy herbal tea – I had it for the first time this past week, and I’ve had several tea bags a day since I first tasted this perfection of a drink. I’m officially obsessed with it, and thankfully Costco sells it in bulk. PTL! (Drinking it now)
  • Brew Tea Bar – I love this place so much I asked the owner if I could interview him for a series I’ll be doing about people pursuing their passions. It’s a local boba place, and it’s hands down the best one in town. Try their sea salt coffee, but really anything there is delicious.
  • Holley’s Cuppa – Another local place I’m starting to love. I met a friend at Holley’s second store (The Cuppa), and the first thing I saw was a wall of books. How could I not fall in love with the place? The coffee is on point, and the coziness of the store will make you want to stay there forever.



  • Settlers of Catan – I finally gave this board game a chance, and I love it! It has just the right balance of strategy and luck, and it’s perfect to play at a dinner with old or new friends.
  • Twinkling lights – just because. Instant delight. I can’t help but smile when I see them.

What are you loving these days? 

What I’m Loving

what i'm lovingIf you were to come over for dinner, you’d find me wearing my Korean-lady apron, butter would be sizzling in a pan ready to roast some broccoli, and we would talk about all the things going on in your life and mine. We’d share vulnerable, hard things, we’d cheer each other on in the scary things, and we’d discuss our favorite things on Netflix and what ice cream flavor we’re loving these days. I like to cover it all when I hang out with people, so I thought I’d do the same here.

If I’m loving something and you’re within arms reach, I will try to convince you to read, watch, eat, do the same. I’ll want you to experience how amazing the thing is and then be able to share the goodness of it with you afterwards. Isn’t that part of the enjoyment process? You love it the first time by yourself, and then when someone shares the same experience you geek out with joy because YES. They get it.

Here’s what I’m loving these days.


On a related note, I love that I can check out Kindle books from our public library system. It’s convenient and feeds into my clean freakiness.


  • Derek – Sweet and heartbreaking. Ricky Gervais plays an autistic 50 year old man who works in a nursing home. Guys, I’ve watched this all the way through twice and cried both times. Have tissues ready.


  • Roasted broccoli – Is there a better way to eat broccoli? Nope. Here’s how to make it:

Cut broccoli florets in half.
Put oil and butter in the pan on medium heat.
Place halved florets with the flat side down and cook until they’re crispy and browned on one side. (The smell is divine)
Sprinkle salt over them.
Once they’re crispy on one side, flip each one over and cook until they’re at the desired doneness.
Eat the most delicious broccoli you’ve ever tasted.

  • Korean pork bone soup (gamjatang) – James made this the other night, and wow. He used perilla leaves and regular mushrooms and eliminated all the other veggies. If you like spicy, meaty soup, give this one a try.


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31 Days of Writing Freely

FREE-5I had a Story & Soul Session with the lovely Ashley Abramson last week, and she encouraged me to turn down the editor’s voice in my head so I can write freely. I’ll be honest. It takes me days, sometimes even weeks, to write a post. I edit as I write, and too often people’s faces come to mind and I wonder, Will I offend them? Will they misunderstand my intentions? Will they get what I’m saying? I go over each word and its placement and question whether it’s the right or best one. It’s exhausting, and writing starts to become a chore instead of an act of worship.

I want to write freely. I want to turn down the critic’s voice in my head. I want to edit less and write more. I want to weave writing into every part of my life by making it a habit so I’m taking up the 31 Days writing challenge. The goal is to write every day for the month of October, and even though I was thinking of quitting even before it even began this morning, I’ve decided that there’s nothing to fear and nothing to lose.

There may or may not be a theme to what I write this month. Most likely it will be a continuation of what I write most about- faith, life, and motherhood- but I’m hoping that my writing will take us down some new paths. I’m hoping to explore and uncover deeper things as well as be surprised by simple delights, and I hope you’ll come along with me.

See you tomorrow! (Hopefully)

Each day a post goes live I’ll be adding a link + title below so all the posts will be accessible on this page at the end. You can sign up to receive posts by email or you can follow along on Instagram!

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