Courage Can Take Time

IMG_6925Over at the Spoken For shop, we’re talking about courage and accepting God’s call in the book of Isaiah this month, and today I’m sharing how courage can take time.

I dismissed what He said to me because I refused believe it was true. I couldn’t comprehend how He saw something in me I didn’t see myself. I wasted time, I procrastinated, I stayed stubborn. But He is as persistent as He is loving, so He kept telling me the same thing.


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Cooking + Feeding of Our Souls

photo-1441122365457-1ae2aba6235cA couple of weeks ago I stepped down as an associate pastor at our church to prepare for our move out of state. It’s the first time being a full-time stay-at-home mom with no meetings to attend, no sermons to prep, no ministry or work obligations whatsoever. So how do I fill up this new space in my life? I cook. Instead of prepping for Sunday services, I plan for meals. Instead of having coffee dates with people, I shop for groceries with the intent of filling my family’s bellies and our fridge to bursting. I am becoming my mother, and I can’t help it…

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Passing on the Baton friends and I have been talking about how we are officially adults. We’re in our mid-30s, we’re moms of multiple kids, we’ve accumulated bags under our eyes, and we’re no longer referred to as “miss” but “ma’am.” We used to think we were young adults, but somewhere along the way we stumbled into real, grown-up adulthood. Those in their teens and 20s look to us as older and wiser. How in the world did we get so old?! I have no idea, but it is humbling, sobering, and so, so good…

My friend Amanda started a blog for her Spoken For shop, and I have the privilege of working alongside her and being part of the writing team. Today I’m writing about passing on the baton of leadership from our generation to the next.