What I’m Loving

what i'm lovingIt’s been a funk-y week with not much to say, but in the quiet I’ve been trying to keep busy with chores and the kids and finding comfort in my books.

Here’s what I’m loving these days.


  • Still Writing by Dani Shapiro – I loved this one so much! When I read the last page, I wanted to start the book all over again! Yup, that good.
  • I just started reading Rising Strong by Brené Brown. If you haven’t had a chance to read her other books (Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection), she kindly includes summaries of both in the back of this book. Who else is reading it?


  • On My Way Home – A documentary about the acapella group Pentatonix. I’ve been so moved by people who pursue their passions despite cultural or parental expectations (a series about this coming soon!), so this was right up my alley.
  • HTGAWM on ABC – Like so many Shonda Rhimes’s shows, it’s overly dramatic and there are too many rated R-ish scenes, but I just want to know who killed whom!
  • Derek -Yeah… I’m still watching this. If you don’t want to commit to 14 episodes, just watch the pilot. It made me tear up again. It’s ridiculous. I know.


  • White vinegar + water – I’ve used it to clean the nasty grime off our window blinds, I’ve used it to clean countertops, the floors, and it’s great for dusting. Unlike most cleaners it leaves no residue, and it’s so versatile and cheap! I also add a little bit to the laundry, and maybe it’s just my imagination, but I’m pretty sure the clothes come out cleaner because of it.
  • Young Living essential oils – Last year’s flu season was unbearable, so I’ve started putting on these oils to help fight the craziness- Thieves on our feet, Lemon in my water, RC on the kids’s chest for cold symptoms.


  • Christmas music- I know it’s still October, but what could shine more brightness and hope into a funk than Christmas music? I’ve been listening to PTX’s That‘s Christmas to Me album on Spotify. My favorites- “Mary, Did You Know?” and “Silent Night.”

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