You Are the God Who Sees Us

You are the God who sees me.I’m a see-er. Maybe it comes from being a pastor’s kid or from all the people watching I like to do, but when someone needs something, I see it. It could be that they need a napkin at a dinner party or a friend to talk to after church service. It could be that they need someone to listen to their story or speak truth into them or get them a cup of coffee to get through the afternoon drag. My eyes are wired to notice them, and I want them to know that they aren’t unseen. 

Isn’t that the kind of God we have? He’s a God who sees us, who cares for us, who meets us when we’re overlooked and forgotten. He’s the kind of God who walks with us, right next to us, for the long run. And unlike us, He doesn’t tire or get weary with all our needs. Instead He stays steady. His grace stays enough, and His love never ends.

He is the God who sees us. It’s one of my favorite things about Him these days, and it’s the song He’s been singing over me. Maybe it’s the song He’s singing over you too, and if so, I hope you can hear its sweetness and rest in it.

  • great reminder.. though lately, i have to admit i feel unseen and forgotten by him.. need to keep reminding myself.

    • I read this comment earlier in the morning and have been praying for you throughout the day. I’m praying for breakthrough, for the faith to believe in the deepest of you that the things you know are true.