The End + Beginning of Writing Freely

end beginning writing freelyI started the month wanting to write freely. I had been chained by doubts, by the editor’s voice in my head, by my laziness and lack of discipline. I had been afraid of what others would say and if I was falling behind in the race to grow my influence. It was exhausting, it made me feel inadequate, and enough was enough.

The 31 Days challenge taught me more about writing and myself, and what I gained most from it wasn’t through focused effort on each post. It was through the process of writing often, of writing without the need to please that I learned to write freely. In a way, this challenge was the best kind of teacher- not giving me answers straight away but allowing the journey to bring me to these epiphanies.

  • I learned that talking and writing about my fears and doubts don’t help. Instead, sitting at the computer, staring at the blank screen, sitting in the discomfort of having to do the thing I’m avoiding, and actually writing is what will get me out of the funk, out of the rut. Just write.
  • I learned that I’m a writer so I have to write. Not the other way around. It’s how I’m wired, how I was created, and if I don’t write, I’m not well.
  • I don’t need ears to hear for me to write. It’s wonderful to have influence, and I love it when people connect with my words, but even if no one were to listen, even if no one were to read, I can and still need to write because it’s how I’m meant to display His glory.
  • I can have the discipline and endurance to write often if I choose to do so. I only wrote 17 out of the 31 days, but I hope to work out better writing rhythms if I keep moving forward.

The challenge ends today, but I’m only at the beginning of writing freely. There is surely more to come.

*All posts from this series have been archived here.*