Dear Three Year Old of Mine

The sun hasn’t come up yet, and it’s still quiet. The decorations have been put up, and the table is ready for us to gather around and celebrate our baby lady turning three. How is she 3 already?? How is it that it also seems like ages ago that she was in my belly?? Time hasn’t made sense since she was born.

Baby brother cries, and it’s time to start the day. As she comes downstairs, she notices the streamers hanging over the window. Gasp! It’s pink, Mom! She does a little jig and sings. Happy birthday me! It’s my birthday! She turns to see the table and gasps again. It’s going to be cake and candle, and it’s my birthday! It’s my birthday, Mom! It’s my birthday, Peter! 

I gaze at her as she dances about, and I can’t believe the girl she’s becoming. I was in disbelief when she was born, and I’m still in disbelief now. She is more than I could’ve ever imagined or asked for.

Baby girl, you are my joy. I’m in awe of you every day, and I love how you’re becoming your own person more and more. You’re so much like your daddy. He’s a nerd with an artsy side and athletic skills. He’s kind and generous AND good-looking. Goodness gracious, he’s got it all, and you are just the same. One of my favorites is how you pretend cook at your toy kitchen. You fry something on the pan and stick it in the oven just like he does. You love sprinkling salt on the food as your serve it to us, and you do it like a true professional. It’s hilarious, and I’ll be sad when you stop serving us hot soup with fruits, vegetables, and a hot dog in a bowl. 

In some ways you’re like me, and it thrills me when I see it. You like to make up songs and do little jigs when you get excited about something. You love with your words and cheer people on over the littlest thing. Like peeing in the toilet. I’ve been doing it successfully for more than 30 years now, but you are just as proud of me as I am of you, and how could I not love that? 

When you were in my belly, I prayed that you would be kind and compassionate. I prayed that you would be a good big sister to all the siblings who would come after you, and you are. You are the best big sister to your baby brother, and your friendship is something special. The two of you fight all the time, but you love each other fiercely and I love that you come alive when you’re together. 

I hope that you know how loved you are. All of us are head over heels for you, and we’re so glad you were born. Happy 3rd birthday, baby.