Catching the Sun

The sun was waking up just as the kids were. Pink seeped through the blinds, and I got up in a rush. There was magic happening outside, and I didn’t want them to miss it. When I told them we needed to hurry to go see the pink sky, Autumn gasped out of excitement although her face looked confused from disbelief.

We still had our pajamas on, but we put on our shoes and stepped outside anyway. There’s no time to change clothes when you’re trying to catch the sun in its new-day glory.

1A perfect breeze kissed our faces, and we quickly walked around to the other side of the neighborhood to get a better view. The stormy clouds reflected the beauty of the sun before we could even see it over the horizon.

32Glory. How could the rising sun not make me sing? It was as if God and I were sharing a sweet moment, just the two of us, as if He were letting me glimpse at His beauty as no one else had ever seen it before.

It’s been a week of catching the sun rise and set, but yesterday’s beauty was too wonderful for words.

54catching the sunIt made me ache with longing for something as other-worldly as this beauty was. It made me stand still and behold it. And it made me wonder if this is what it’ll be like when I see Him face to face one day. So much beauty and glory- it will probably be overwhelming but only in the best way. The one thing missing will be the ache because the thing I’m longing for now is what I’ll gain once I’m standing in His presence for real.

  • So beautiful Grace! I love how you described everything and brought this moment to life